Thursday, August 31, 2006


Blogging is something I really enjoy, if merely for the chance to project my reality. It may not be superior to any other but in an age wherein reality options are few and often dominated by some rather lame reality engineers, I would suppose that others might find it as I have occasionally found those of others: a welcome, further option.

In other words, take it or leave it but I hope you enjoy it while you peruse the content of my digital expression.

I have been on the internet for some ten years now, a mere drop when compared to the ongoing cyber-personas that have continued to evolve even unto this day, whose starts were long before mine. Much has changed in that time. When I was introduced to the online world, I was extremely excited about the possibilities. The idea of people sharing their ideas and information gave me hope that a better world might be around the corner. I thought that the internet had the potential to democratize society more than anything before it. What I did not know was that the internet was actually the best tool ever devised for spying on Americans, by Americans. It took me some time to accept it.

Consider this: the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would later become the DEFENSE Advanced Research Projects Agency, developed the internet. It was a DOD project before it was a public forum, which would later be turned over to the private sector for "management." DARPA it is that houses the Information Awareness Office which, in turn spawned TIA, the Total Information Awareness effort, headed by one John Poindexter, an Iran-Contra Felon that, like so many others, escaped retribution and now sits high up on the pyramid, under George W. Bush.

Online activists have been thinking globally and acting globally. We need to act locally. Get off the internet and get involved in LOCAL politics. This is what 'grassroots' MEANS.

Blocking out your friends and family and local communities by isolating yourslef online and convincing yourself that you are, by such actions, involving yourself in community is the kind of self-deception that plays into the hands of the global fascist regime.

In the immortal words of the Cult of the Dead Cow, "Save yourself. Go outside. Do something!"

More here (from about a year ago).


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