Sunday, September 10, 2006

An Exercise in Self Indulgence

I guess I'm it.

A Book that Changed my Life:

The stories that I enjoyed the most have changed me in ways I was at least partly conscious of. However, other ones I have read didn't rate so high on my enjoyment meter but would prove effective, as intended or not, upon my psyche at later points in time. Since, however, I believe the spirit of this survey is to choose one, I will and it'll be Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. This narrative clearly highlighted the fact that there is no such thing as legitimate justification for ecological rape. Once I identified with the spirit and vision of the book, and that took about seventy-five pages, I became more conscious. Now, knowing full well the damage that I am capable of doing as a human on/in Earth and understanding full well that it really is my choice, from day to day, it would be a crime for me to hurt the Mother beyond what she offers and, oh, does she offer up of her self continuously. To take more is rape and there is now no way for me to commit this act unintentionally. This changes one's relationships immensely and for this reason, it is my choice of 'Book that Changed my Life'.

A Book I've Read More Than Once:

Do I cite the one that I read most often or the one that I am most fortunate to have read more than once? I'll choose the latter and go with Hesse's Siddhartha.

A Book I Would Take With Me if I Were Stuck on a Desert Island:

The very nature of the questions begs me for a perfectly pragmatic response and don't doubt for a minute that a spiritual focus cannot be a practical one: Tao te Ching.

A Book that Made Me Laugh:

This was a hard one for me and it spoke volumes to me about myself, the fact that it was hard, that is. I think I have taken a rather serious tone in my intellectual pursuits and it is reflected in the books I have read but some did come to mind. Of course, I'll choose one and it is Harvard Lampoon's Bored of the Rings. Before you start hurling Longbottom at me know that I have been a Tolkien fanatic since about 1979. All the more reason to laugh my damn ass off during that one!

A Book that Made Me Cry:

Of Mice and Men... I don't want to talk about okay?!? Just leave me alone!

Just kidding...onward!

A Book I Wish had been Written:

Fodor's Jupiter

A Book I Wish had Never been Written:

The Bible and no, I don't want to talk about it, seriously this time.

A Book I've been Meaning to Read:

The Golden Apple

I'm Currently Reading:

The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven - curious wording, I think. I first took notice of this book when I noticed that Col. Michael Aquino had reviewed it and his words were actually cited on the cover. That would be a tight clientelle I would assume. Of this work, he says: ""Wasserman adds profoundly to our understanding of the religious, ideological, and initiatory forces that shaped the development of Western civilization. [He] brings both impeccable scholarship and a rare gift form making even the most complex metaphysical concepts intelligible to his readers."

That's it and it has been interesting. Anything's good that brings me closer to observing the first law, to know thy(my)self!


Blogger Michael Hawkins said...

Thanks for doing the list, Smiley. And a fine one it is. I read the Templar book when I worked at Lighthouse Books way back when -- and I do remember you discussing Col. Aquino, but I can't remember the context....

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