Friday, September 01, 2006


The goals of Revolutionary Luminism are the total liberation of the human race, individually and collectively, and a worldwide expansion of human consciousness into higher, more inclusive states from which the realities of our present historical and evolutionary situation can be accurately perceived and properly addressed.

Revolutionary Luminism seeks to enable the self-actualization of every member of the human race, and seeks to implement a worldwide society that will insure full liberty, autonomy, and security for every woman and man on Earth — not a “world government”: rather a worldwide grassroots free-market anarchocommunist commonwealth based on voluntary cooperation, individual liberty and personal responsibility — “all for (every) one and (every) one for all”.

This vision has been the goal of all true revolutionary movements in history, though it has never been realized due to the unripeness of human evolution and the counter-revolutionary strategies of a privileged elite addicted to tyrannical power and personal profit.

The vision of a worldwide libertarian commonwealth has also been the secret goal of an underground tradition which has existed within and outside of the Freemasonic Fraternities of the world — a tradition which traces its history through the Theosophists and Rosicrucians, the Illuminati and the Knights Templar, the Gnostics and the Essenes, Hermeticists and Pythagoreans, and on back into the mists of pre-history.

We are now entering an era in which these strands are twining together and this elusive dream of liberty is becoming both a real possibility and a real necessity — at the least a necessity for the preservation of civilization, and ultimately a prerequisite for human survival on Earth.

The forces which oppose our goal are also uniting, and are in fact in virtually complete control of Earth at this moment. Their motivation is to squeeze Earth like a grape and quench their lust for short-range profits on Her final agonies. As Jim Keith writes: “If you haven’t gotten the idea that this world is run by a criminal elite lacking the slightest concern for the welfare of mankind, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

This opposition is led by a dark cabal of ultra-rich elitists who are plotting the establishment of a totalitarian world government, a “new world order” in which the institutional violence and coercion of State Authority will be cemented into permanence. The top 3% of Earth’s population who own or control 97% of our substance seek to realize their 6,000-year-old objective of world domination. They plan to use their technologies of mass brainwashing and mind control, genocide, genetic manipulation, and ecocide to totally enslave or eliminate entire cultures, classes, and races of humanity. They plan to establish an omnipotent, monolithic, hierarchical, insectoid technocracy which will crush human liberty into extinction beneath its jack-boots.

We will not allow them to achieve their twisted apocalyptic dream. A signal has gone forth through the synapses of all sentient life, an alarm bell to wake the sleeping masses. We must rouse ourselves from our somnambulistic trance, shake off the chains of State and Corporate conditioning and indoctrination, and take our places in the spontaneously arising Legions of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty that are unfurling their banners throughout the world.

The entrenched late-20th-century power structures of Earth comprise the ultimate and absolute enemy of human liberty, equality and fraternity; of biodiversity and ecological health; of truth, justice, and love; of the survival of life on Earth.

Revolutionary Luminism is a flaming sword that can slay this world-consuming Leviathan.



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