Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No More Ancient Forest Logging, Anywhere, Anytime

September 29, 2006

There exists a terrible, painful split within the forest conservation movement between those working to preserve with full protection [search] all the world's remaining ancient forests, and those that believe that certified industrial forest logging [search] of the world's last forest wildlands adequately protects these resources and their ecological values. The latter have worked for two decades and have failed both to demonstrate ecologically sustainable forest management on any scale, and to acknowledge and adapt to new science that indicates selective logging irreversibly diminishes biodiversity and ecosystems, including ancient forests' ability to hold carbon.

The same groups that greenwashed the sell-out of British Columbia's ancient temperate rainforests to logging interests (most major environmental groups and foundations) are at it again - this time working with a voracious largely clearcut logging industry in Canada's boreal forests. These formerly massive forests are being devastated by intensive logging that is both unnecessary - for throw away products like Kleenex tissues - and is ecologically devastating. The forest sell-outs are wheeling and dealing with big foundation money to legitimize industrial ancient forest logging. The forest conservation movement must not allow a deal in Canada's boreal forests, Africa or anywhere else that justifies continued diminishment of these critical global ecological systems. The answer is to end ancient forest logging, not try to reform it yet again.

Be warned, any deal with industry that allows continued industrial forestry for token protected areas in Canada will be vociferously blocked by bright green activists. Ending all ancient forest logging anywhere and anytime it is occurring is a global imperative if the Earth System (Gaia if you will) is to continue to function. Too many large, contiguous old-growth forest blocks have been lost already to maintain an operable biosphere. All that remain must be protected, and secondary forests restored and allowed to again become old-growth.

What is needed is more programs that pay for forests to not be industrially developed - that offset the opportunity costs to local governments and peoples for deciding to maintain their large natural forest ecosystems in an intact condition. We need to follow the example reported on in Bolivia and pay for the biodiversity and ecosystem benefits including carbon sequestration these vital Earth organs provide.

Those working to "certify" desecration of the world's ancient forests as being "environmentally friendly" do not understand the magnitude of the threats posed by both forest loss and diminishment, and climate change. The future of the Earth and humanity is at stake. Saving the Earth and humanity requires among other things large contiguous forest ecosystems. And we must be willing to pay for it. Ecological Internet will maintain its campaign to confront those - even our mislead environmental brethren - that carry out or are greenwashing ancient forest logging. This is the last warning, expect a major campaign soon.

SOURCE: Rainforest Conservation Issues


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