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It is possible that I get a chance, at some point, to continue my research. Should that ever manifest, it will be posted at my OTHER blog. This particular one has served its purpose and will stand as a relic.

It might be a week or it might be three months, but hopefully new items related to my research on the remote piloting attack on the World Trade Center will be posted here. That blog archives items that are not at this one and I hope you will peruse them.

Please bookmark it and please don't give up on it, or me. I have been through a whole hell of a lot more in the past five years than a little electronic disruption over my unwillingness to submit to the Lie. They haven't stopped me.

I would like to thank the folks at What Really Happened as well as Jeff Rense. Veterans for 9/11 Truth, by the way, is equally deserving of thanks and their site deserves a good, thorough looking at.

Resistance is fertile!


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Interesting Visitors to this Site

You know, I don't even need to make another post. You can visit my tracker anytime you want to (bottom of the page) and just see who is interested in what I have put up. Some of these outfits are giving themselves away, spelling it out for you better than I ever could! YOU GUYS WAGED A WAR ON DISSENT, ON THE POOR, AND ON THE TRUTH SO YOU GUYS CAN SUFFER!

KSA's Internet Service Provider - Quwayzah, Makkah: Saudi Arabia ( - - linked here from an item I posted on an anonymous browser and given how it is supposed to work, it could be false data that is being provided to my tracker...

CNCGROUP Beijing province network - Beijing, China (go to and look up CNCGROUP sometime)

Lockheed-Martin Corporation - Denver, CO

HQ, 5th Signal Command - - IP Address - Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada


Hughes Network Systems

KNOBBE MARTENS OLSON & BEAR - specializing in intellectual property are wasting your time guys - I haven't made a dime off of this...

Is someone looking up my military records? They are kept here: National Archives and Records Administration - -

ANY hit out of Fairfax, VA is noteworthy: - - Cox Communications

Organization: Adelphia - - Lake Worth, Florida (fell under investigation by the SEC in the wake of WorldCom, Enron, and Global Crossing)

Munitions System Division at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida

UUNET Technologies out of Rochelle, Texas.. check out these items on UUNET's Gubment Hackers - btw, they are a subsidiary of WorldCom and if you follow the dots through Kenneth Lay you will end up at ENRON..Kenneth Lay is dead by the way..

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton - IP Address McLean, VA


Defense Contract Management Agency - (responsible for oversight of defense contractors - like Halliburton and Brown & Root) - this hit was out of LAX - Los Angeles


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

EXCALIBUR SYSTEMS - specializing in avionics (aviation electronics) with a hand in unmanned aerial vehicles - check out this site if you dare - israeli government site mentioning excalibur

Check out this Googlemap [warning: Google is Big Brother] search for uav,"global hawk","hughes electronics"


Advanced Computer Concepts (contractor similar to Mitretek) - Washington, D.C. - lots of offices out of Arlington, VA (D.C.) and Houston, TX..several in Denver area (not far from NORAD) - apparently, the National Heritage Foundation (privatization think tank - look up Milton Friedman and his CFR links some time) has as a member, a former five year head of Advanced Computer Concepts..Julie L. Houk - they don't just specialize in defense but also:

Tank Gauging Suppliers & Ma...
... Texas, USA AC2, Inc., also known as Advanced Computer Concepts provides automation solutions to the oil & gas i More... Saab Tank Control ...

Hubble Space Telescope STIS...
... AH(; Advanced Computer Concepts, Inc., Code 681, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771; .), AI(; Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin ...

On-Orbit Performance of STI...
... Advanced Computer Concepts, Inc., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, Code 681, Greenbelt, MD 20771 ...


Travis Correll and Company (implicated in banking scams involving dummie religious charities - so often in the past this Bush/5th Column gang has used bank scams to fund terror and now someone that is part of this "company" that is so accused is interested in MY BLOG?)

AT&T Global Network Services Japan LLC - out of NEW ZEALAND?

HQ Global Workplaces - (had an office in WTC) Irving, TX

AMOCO Corporation out of Houston, Texas - like the Bush Gang

SITA-Societe Internationale de Telecommunications (spoof - this visitor is a hacker or a spook) - IP Address:


A hit from Norway: Telenor Business Solutions AS (just happen to have one of their few U.S. offices in Houston)

Project Intelligence
Organization: TELENOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AS. Organisation:, TELENOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AS. Type:, Unknown. Country:, NORWAY. Region:, NORGE. City:, Unknown - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

US Forest Service office in Arizona

United States Army Corps of Engineers -


State of Idaho - someone in the gubment in Boise ...could be good...could be bad...

It's nice to see that this information has made it to a user at Tucson's public library... after all, all information SHOULD BE FREE


Apparently, this blog's url is being passed around to employees of Bloomberg Financial Market, as well.


United States 10308 78.33%
Canada 1114 8.47%
United Kingdom 412 3.13%
Australia 272 2.07%
Germany 100 0.76%
Netherlands 75 0.57%
New Zealand 71 0.54%
France 57 0.43%
Japan 46 0.35%
Switzerland 33 0.25%
Thailand 32 0.24%
Sweden 31 0.24%
Malaysia 29 0.22%
Ireland 29 0.22%
Mexico 26 0.20%
Spain 25 0.19%
Finland 24 0.18%
Korea, Republic of 24 0.18%
South Africa 23 0.17%
Singapore 22 0.17%
China 20 0.15%

ANOTHER Mitre Corp/9-11 Investigative Journalist BEING TARGETTED

One 9/11 independent investigator has been bloodied, another driven offline entirely (we'll see if I can sneak in a few more posts), and the former subsequently fired from the American Free Press. What both of these 9/11 researchers have in common is that they have looked at 9/11 from the Warren Buffet/Mitre Corp./Ptech/Booz-Allen angle.

Bollyn on Mitre Corporation

Why follow a 9/11 lead provided by GW?

State Department, media launch assault on 9/11 dissent

It's been real folks!


The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro

Refuting the lie, a response to Popular Mechanics: debunking 9/11 myths

Global Hawk, Artificial Intelligence, Boeing, DARPA, and September 11

Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause

Letter to a Spook

A thinker's guide to conspiracy theories

Big Medicine

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It's been real folks!

Blogger Note: I am no longer referencing Google search links in my work and you will see why if you check the Google information that I have linked to. I DID reference some YahooGroup links as the only places that some things are archived at all. I had no choice. Time, as you will read, is a factor. My net presence is on its way to elimination.

In Bed with the Enemy
by Eric Stewart

Is it just a coincidence that many of the same players that are implicated in the atrocities of 9/11 and everything from the Bay of Pigs to Operation Northwoods to LBJ to the Miami 5 to JFK's assassination to the Venezuelan Coup to Jeb Bush and the election fraud to those mysterious flight schools to to Watergate to Iran-Contra to BCCI all have a concentration of Florida connections? Can you say WACKENHUT? Given Havana's reputation globally seventy five and fifty years ago, wouldn't you say there are some powerful people that probably want Cuba back? Would they be, say, socialists or do you think we are dealing with capitalists. Two things are for sure regarding this and one is that CUBA is not a capitalistic entity. The other is that the anti-Castro gang is the very circle of elites (those with the greatest number of personnel stationed around the world to assassinate, wreak havoc, and blow shit up) that we begin to discern when we follow the Florida connection to the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Let's not forget the fact that documents that had been subpoenaed implicating both Dick Cheney and Sir Alan Greenspan that were being kept "safe" there or that the World Trade Center changed ownership one month before that day. Dare I remind all that John O'Neil, the United States assigned and premier expert on Osama bin Laden, the man assigned by the federal government to track him, was stripped of his FBI post and re-assigned to head security at the WTC ONE MONTH prior?!?

The National Reconaissance Office sent up a satellite on September 8, 2001 and three days later it operated nicely while helping to facilitate the "wargames" that the military was engaged in on 9/11 and all the while we get reports from the U.K.'s online Space News Feed from their weekly edition on the 16th that satellite communications were down all over the planet. I guess the NRO's new baby was somehow immune, OR IT HELPED TO CAUSE IT!

"The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York and the Pentagon have shocked and horrified us all. The attacks also caused disruption for satellite and space companies across the USA.",

Trivia question: WHO was it that was conducting the war games and where was it happening? Did you say USSPACECOM, otherwise known as NORAD? So close!

Who said USSTRATCOM?!? That's right it happened out of Offut Air Force Base! NORAD wasn't involved except for the complicit silence of a few senior officers. It was stood DOWN, remember?

Trivia question: WHO was at Offut AFB that base with a small handful of CEO's from the World Trade Center? That's right! It was Warren Buffet.

WHO did Mitre Corporation (specializing in real time battle command and unmanned aerial vehicles - remote piloting) used to brag having as an investor? Warren Buffet.

WHO was known to be in tight with with a Massachusettes firm called Ptech? Mitre Corporation, that's who. Mitre Corp., as a matter of fact, is the spawn of Lincoln Laboratories at MIT, in Massachusettes.

A charity owned by the CIA-employed actor we call Osama, had as a client, Ptech.

And these ARE actors. They work together getting away with crap right in front of us because modern day spooks don't so much hide behind bushes as they hind behind taboos, playing out a drama scripted at the Council on Foreign Relations designed to shaft us and pit us against each other at the same time and by EACH OTHER I mean HUMANS (reinforcement of the existence of racial tension with disinformation designed to keep people apart).

They've Done it to Me Again
by Eric Stewart

I really thought I had it covered. After years of difficulties of all types, I thought I pretty much knew just how the man might come after me. 'The man' could deposit malicious bugs of various sorts to disrupt me. He could have webmail accounts destroyed as well as mailing lists. He could implement a denial-of-service of sorts or hijack or otherwise disrupt a web page. He could have simply offed me or busted in with some trumped up charges that my dissidence made me an enemy combatant. He could have even embarked on an online smear campaign.

In short, the national security cabal reached into my computer and deliberately deleted only my most important files. The details of this matter I will not be able to divulge for reasons I will also not be able to divulge, in the interest of PERSONAL security.

I had spent much of the past month tracing my way back through the world wide web to find that a majority of the information that I had used, a few years ago, to trace a comprehensive story of treason and conspiracy involving Warren Buffet, Mitre Corporation, Ptech, and Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (later I will cite references although they will be decidedly less in number than if I still had my files) was still to be found. I had looked before but this time I put a whole lot more time into it.

Q: the conspiracy?

A: September 11, 2001

It is not so much that I would have to spend another month re-acquiring this data that drives me to pass on the baton (someone grab it PLEASE) but the very fact that with an undetectable national security trojan at work, apparently, allowing a human being to simply sit and peruse my files and decide which ones live and die, then I have to evaluate a few other things, not the least of which is my personal security.

I cannot stress enough that a wide variety of activism oriented files including numerous relating to 9/11 remain but only the ones pertaining to the deepest culprits are gone. It took a hacker or a spook, if indeed there is any difference any more and probably WAS a spook hacker because of the fact that the person doing the deciding on what lived or died in my research obviously knows a whole hell of a lot more than ninety-percent of 9/11 investigators know. They know about James Woolsey and the NRO.

I have been accused recently of spending less time trying to interfere with the fascist transnational state than I do explaining why I am worthy of the attention of it. I would like to, at this time, address this matter:

In attempting to bring certain realities to the conscious forefront of people's minds, I discovered years ago that there was SOMETHING about my approach and/or the particular information I was putting forth that was ruffling big feathers. I have been told countless times how other people just don't experience things like this, usually as an argument that I, therefore, am suffering from some delusional phenomenon.

To make what is going to be a bit of a story not quite so long, I have had to show, repeatedly and for a long time, just how undeniable the ops directed at me are in order to validate the INFORMATION that I deal with. If you are among those that think I just can't get enough of myself then know that such explanations are not directed at you; they are, in fact, present so that those who do doubt but have an open mind may make up their own minds with an unembellished narrative of the events as they occurred. My posts on this particular matter are a result of a habit developed in the face of years of these arguments. That said, I will move on.

I have been chased offline before. There is much archived online that validates this, in case you think that it is I that is an op or if you think I am merely making it up. This will be my last blog entry. I have not given up on us or on hope. I have done my job, again. This time, I was not able to spend quite so much time doing so but what little time that I did, I think I made a difference. I have given up on having a presence of my own online but it is your turn. If enough of you pick up this ball and run, well, they can't do what they have done to me to a thousand people at a time that have all gone from a low level threat to the national security state, suddenly, to a high level one (wrapping your brain, depending on the individual, around that one may require a temporary suspension of ego).

Should you accept this mission, know that if you spend a month doing what I just did for a month that you, too, may be able to motivate another thousand people. Some of you may become targetted but if a hundred of those thousand are, it will already be too late. The thousand each of the first thousand reached will have become a million. You can help us all reach that critical mass.

Also, the following information bears mentioning:

The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would later become the DEFENSE Advanced Research Projects Agency, developed the internet. It was a DOD project before it was a public forum, which would later be turned over to the private sector for "management." Much of today's intelligence has been outsourced to private outfits and one of the reasons is that the strict standards that have traditionally been applied to government activities are laws that affect only that: the government. Most of these laws are worded that they don't apply to private entities.

This means that this tool that you use to shop, to surf, and to talk with your friends was born and raised in the cold war community.

Some of the following links rest on other links that no longer exist (especially at the Angelfire sites - they link to and Indymedia, neither of which carries this information any more). This is where you come in. Simply plug in the terms that you see at these sites and you will find that the truth is still out there.


Watching What You Say

Hacktivismo Releases Torpark


Information Warfare on the Internet

Digital Freedom Network

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Evolution of Spy Tools

Google developing eavesdropping software

The National Security's capabilities EIGHT YEARS AGO were probably a lot higher than we thought, as always

Operation Shamrock


Google Bad

On the NSA

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton

Operation Two Towers

Falls Church, VA and 9/11

Damning Evidence of Warren Buffet Role in 9/11

Al Qaeda are the U.S. Gov't's Greatest Ally

The Warren Buffet - Mitre Corp. - Chemtrail - 9/11 Connection

The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

Bush and bin Laden's Shared Political Goals Are Enough To Freak Out Anybody

Does al-Qaeda exist?

Al Qaeda does not exist and never has

Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence'

State Department, media launch assault on 9/11 dissent

Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause

Refuting the lie, a response to Popular Mechanics: debunking 9/11 myths

At Least Four of Nineteen Alleged 9/11 Hijackers are Alive

Killtown on Buffet and the Offut AFB Story

Hughes Electronic Corp.

Another Largely Unexplored Vein of 9/11 Research

911 Truth Petition

More on Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (James Woolsey {ex-?-CIA}, by the way sat on the board of Mitre Corporation and currently works for Booz-Allen.)

If you really want to make a difference in the 9/11 Truth Movement see to it that the perpetrators get theirs. See to it that this information (CLICK HERE OR HERE)gets backed up. File: Save As...



Jan. 25, 2003 - The Day of the Most Serious Death Threat I Received

A Vast Array of Online Problems - Total Information Oppression

On Mike Ruppert

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro

U.S. Domestic Covert Ops


IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran 'Dishonest'

"We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now."

Unpacking the Israeli Lobby’s Arguments

Govt Will Appeal FOIA Ruling on NRO Budget Docs

Bush Claims Right to Lie to American People

Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

Is the October Surprise a Major Escalation in the War for U.S. Global Dominance?

Forest Service Spends Record $1.5 Billion Fighting Wildfires

No Kidding: FDA Approves Adding Virus to Foods

Woodward: Over 800 attacks every week in Iraq

Radar Matrix

Shock & Awe Revisited

Bush Shields Dad on Chile Terrorism

A thinker's guide to conspiracy theories

Urgent Letter from Dennis Kucinich about Bush Administration Plans for a US War vs. Iran

Who the hell is this 'Agent Smiley' guy any way?

Chemtrail Schemes

Wildfire Arsonists Help Logging Industry - Deliberate?

Chemtrails Cause Droughts


Weather Modification

Radar Matrix

Secrecy News


Electrolysis & Barium

Owning the Weather

Centre for Research on Globalization

Behind the Bushes

Save the Internet


Information that Informs

Selected Writings of John Judge

The Grand Chessboard

Keeping the border safe for defense-contractor profits

Third World Traveller

Off the Grid

Leo Strauss and the Grand Inquisitor

Progressive Review

Battle for Your Mind

Refuse & Resist

Reclaim your Mind

So your listserv has a troll (or five)...

Bush's Tries to Pardon Self

Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

Fun with Microsoft's Terra Server

Even in Winter, Arctic Ice Melting

Junk Culture Killing Childhood

Scientists Find New Global Warming 'Time Bomb’

Psychological Operations


Obedience and Disobedience

Bureaucracy in Action


War on Hippies

Creativity and What Blocks It

Deride and Conquer


Tao te Ching

My Old Blog


to the streets

June 1, 1997

Logging causes wild fires

On that HUGE Oregon fire from a couple of years ago

More on arsonists that seem to love timber sales

Why did the Forest Service interfere with efforts to put out that huge AZ fire (the fire that was set by a gov't [BIA] contracted worker)?

ANOTHER "wild" fire that was started by a gov't contracted worker (USFS - Dept. of Agriculture)

Article from a couple of years ago: Officials suspect arson in numerous Western wildfires

Fighting Forests With Fire: A Soldier's Story

Western Fire Ecology Center

Forest Service Spends Record $1.5 Billion Fighting Wildfires

No More Ancient Forest Logging, Anywhere, Anytime

Newest Alternative Energy - Portugal's Wave Power Plant

Get Ready for Freak Weather, World's Polluters Told

Seattle in 1999

Letter to a Spook

Global Crossing

Richard Perle


SI International


Micromanaging Shock & Awe to create "Deep Psychological Injury"

Gitmo Prisoners are Enemy Combatants because Northern Alliance Said So

POLICE ATTACK PEACEFUL PROTESTERS - VIDEO [PORTLAND, OR]: Click here to watch video of calm bystanders being pepper sprayed. When deep down you know what you are doing is wrong but you have made a committment to doing it anyway, there is a tendency to want to make witnesses go away. Check it out.


In the immortal words of the Cult of the Dead Cow: "Save Yourself. Go outside. Do something!"

Big Medicine

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Watching What You Say

The Nation IS the only publication of much size (that I know of) to tackle this issue with the hard hitting fervor that I attribute to the very mentioning of the company Booz, Allen, and Hamilton. I have added the hyperlinks that you will find embedded in the following text. Where you find hyperlinks assigned to repeating terms, I urge you to check each one out. They are not all the same.

Watching What You Say
by Tim Shorrock

Two months after the New York Times revealed that the Bush Administration ordered the National Security Agency to conduct warrantless surveillance of American citizens, only three corporations--AT&T, Sprint and MCI--have been identified by the media as cooperating. If the reports in the Times and other newspapers are true, these companies have allowed the NSA to intercept thousands of telephone calls, fax messages and e-mails without warrants from a special oversight court established by Congress under the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Some companies, according to the same reports, have given the NSA a direct hookup to their huge databases of communications records. The NSA, using the same supercomputers that analyze foreign communications, sifts through this data for key words and phrases that could indicate communication to or from suspected terrorists or terrorist sympathizers and then tracks those individuals and their ever-widening circle of associates. "This is the US version of Echelon," says Albert Gidari, a prominent telecommunications attorney in Seattle, referring to a massive eavesdropping program run by the NSA and its English-speaking counterparts that created a huge controversy in Europe in the late 1990s.

So far, a handful of Democratic lawmakers--Representative John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Senators Edward Kennedy and Russell Feingold--have attempted to obtain information from companies involved in the domestic surveillance program. But they've largely been rebuffed. Further details about the highly classified program are likely to emerge as the Electronic Frontier Foundation pursues a lawsuit, filed January 31, against AT&T for violating privacy laws by giving the NSA direct access to its telephone records database and Internet transaction logs. On February 16 a federal judge gave the Bush Administration until March 8 to turn over a list of internal documents related to two other lawsuits, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Privacy Information Center, seeking an injunction to end the program.

Despite the President's rigorous defense of the program, no company has dared to admit its cooperation publicly. Their reticence is understandable: The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation of the government officials who leaked the NSA story to the Times, and many constitutional scholars and a few lawmakers believe the program is both illegal and unconstitutional. And the companies may be embarrassed at being caught--particularly AT&T, which spent millions advertising its global services during the Winter Olympics. "It's a huge betrayal of the public trust, and they know it," says Bruce Schneier, the founder and chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security, a California consulting firm.

Corporations have been cooperating with the NSA for half a century. What's different now is that they appear to be helping the NSA deploy its awesome computing and data-mining powers inside the United States in direct contravention of US law, which specifically bans the agency from collecting information from US citizens living inside the United States. "They wouldn't touch US persons before unless they had a FISA warrant," says a former national security official who read NSA intercepts as part of his work for the State Department and the Pentagon.

This is happening at a time when both the military and its spy agencies are more dependent on the private sector than ever before, and an increasing number of companies are involved. In the 1970s, when Congress acted to stop domestic spying programs like Operation Shamrock, in which the NSA monitored overseas telegrams and phone calls, the communications industry was in its infancy. "It was basically Western Union for cables, and AT&T for the telephone," says James Bamford, who revealed the existence of the NSA in his famous book The Puzzle Palace and is a plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit. "It's much more complicated now." In fact, today's global telecom market includes dozens of companies that compete with AT&T, Sprint and MCI for telephone and mobile services, as well as scores of Internet service providers like Google, Yahoo! and AOL that offer e-mail, Internet and voice connections to customers around the world. They are served by multinational conglomerates like Apollo, Flag Atlantic and Global Crossing, which own and operate the global system of undersea fiber-optic cables that link the United States to the rest of the world. Any one of them could be among the companies contacted by intelligence officials when President Bush issued his 2002 executive order to obtain surveillance without FISA approval.

Nobody's talking, though. Asked if AT&T, which was recently acquired by SBC Communications, is cooperating with the NSA, AT&T spokesman Walt Sharp said, "We don't comment on national security matters." He referred me to a recent AT&T letter to Representative Conyers, which stated that AT&T "abides by all applicable laws, regulations and statutes in its operations and, in particular, with respect to requests for assistance from governmental authorities." MCI, which was acquired in January by Verizon, and Sprint, which recently merged with Nextel Communications, declined to comment. Attorney Gidari, who has represented Google, T-Mobile, Nextel and Cingular Wireless (now part of AT&T), believes that "some companies, both telecom and Internet," were asked to participate in the NSA program. But he suggests that only a limited number agreed. "The list of those who said no is much longer than most people think," he says.

The NSA, some analysts say, may have sought the assistance of US telecoms because most of the world's cable operators are controlled by foreign corporations. Apollo, for example, is owned by Britain's Cable & Wireless, while Flag Atlantic is owned by the Reliance Group of India. Much of the international "transit traffic" carried by the cable companies flows through the United States (this is particularly true of communications emanating from South America and moving between Asia and Europe). The NSA could get access to this traffic by sending a submarine team to splice the cables in international waters, as the agency once did to the Soviet Union's undersea military cables. But that is an extremely expensive proposition, and politically dicey to boot--which is where the US telecoms come in. "Cooperation with the telcos doesn't make NSA surveillance possible, but it does make it cheaper," says Schneier, the technology consultant.

According to Alan Mauldin, a senior research analyst with TeleGeography Research in Washington, DC, it would be possible for US intelligence operatives to gain access to transit traffic from anywhere in the country with the cooperation of a US company. "You could be inland, at an important city like New York or Washington, DC, where networks interconnect, and you could have the ability to tap into the whole network for not only that city but between that city and the rest of the world," he says. Foreign-owned cable operators, says Gidari, are also required by US law to maintain security offices manned by US citizens, with background checks and security clearances at the landing sites in Oregon, Florida, New Jersey and other states where fiber-optic cables come ashore.

The government has gone to great lengths to insure law-enforcement access to foreign-owned telecom companies. Take the example of Global Crossing, which owns several undersea cable systems and claims to serve more than 700 carriers, mobile operators and ISPs. Three years ago, as Global Crossing was emerging from one of the largest bankruptcies in US history, it was purchased by ST Telemedia, which is partly owned by the government of Singapore. As part of the US approval process (which occurred at a time when Global Crossing was being advised by Richard Perle, then-chairman of Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board), the company signed an unprecedented Network Security Agreement with the FBI and the Defense Department. Under the agreement, which is on file with the Federal Communications Commission, Global Crossing pledged that "all domestic communications" would pass through a facility "physically located in the United States, from which Electronic Surveillance can be conducted pursuant to lawful US process." (Global Crossing declined to comment.) Legal experts say the wording is significant in the context of the NSA spying flap, but cautioned not to read too much into it. "These agreements are not uncommon in the industry," says James Andrew Lewis, director of the Technology and Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. "They provide assurances that US interests won't suffer damage with foreign ownership."

History proves a good guide to how the NSA would go about winning cooperation from a telecom company. When telephone and telegraph companies began assisting the NSA during the 1940s, only one or two executives were in on the secret. That kind of arrangement continued into the 1970s, and is probably how cooperation with the NSA works today, says Kenneth Bass III, a Justice Department official during the Carter Administration. "Once the CEO approved, all the contacts [with the intelligence agencies] would be worked at a lower level," he says. "The telcos have been participating in surveillance activities for decades--pre-FISA, post-FISA--so it's nothing new to them." Bass, who helped craft the FISA law and worked with the NSA to implement it, adds that he "would not be surprised at all" if cooperating executives received from the Bush Administration "the same sort of briefing, but much more detailed and specific than the FISA court got when [the surveillance] was first approved."

For US intelligence officials looking for allies in the industry, AT&T, MCI and Sprint have a lot to offer. In 2002, when the spying program began, AT&T's CEO was C. Michael Armstrong, the former CEO of Hughes Electronic Corp. At the time, Armstrong was also chairman of the Business Roundtable's Security Task Force, where he was instrumental in creating CEO COM LINK, a secure telecommunications system that allows the chief executives of major US corporations to speak directly to senior members of Bush's Cabinet during national emergencies. Randall Stephenson, a former SBC Communications executive who is now AT&T's chief operating officer, is a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, a group of executives from the communications and defense industries who advise the President on security issues related to telecom.

Those executives, all of whom hold security clearances, meet at the White House once a year--Vice President Cheney was the speaker at their last meeting--and hold quarterly conference calls with high-ranking officials. (Asked if the NSA surveillance was ever discussed at these sessions, committee spokesman Stephen Barrett said, "We do not participate in intelligence gathering.") AT&T also makes no bones about its national security work. When SBC was preparing to acquire the company last year, the two companies underscored their ties with US intelligence in joint comments to the FCC. "AT&T's support of the intelligence and defense communities includes the performance of various classified contracts," the companies said, pointing out that AT&T "maintains special secure facilities for the performance of classified work and the safeguarding of classified information."

MCI, too, is a major government contractor and was highly valued by Verizon in part because of its work in defense and intelligence. Nicholas Katzenbach, the former US Attorney General who was appointed chairman of MCI's board after the spectacular collapse of its previous owner, WorldCom, reiterated MCI's intelligence connections in a 2003 statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. "We are especially proud," he wrote, "of our role in supporting our national-security agencies' infrastructure, and we are gratified by the many positive comments about our service from officials at the US Department of Defense and other national-security agencies." MCI's general counsel--who would presumably have a say in any decision to cooperate with the NSA--is William Barr. He is a former assistant general counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency and served as Attorney General during the Administration of President George H.W. Bush.

Sprint Nextel is top-loaded with executives with long experience in national security and defense. Chairman and CEO Gary Forsee is a member of Bush's telecom council (as is Lawrence Babbio, the vice chairman and president of Verizon). Keith Bane, a company director, recently retired from a twenty-nine-year career with Motorola, which has worked closely with US intelligence for decades. William Conway Jr. and former FCC chairman William Kennard are managing directors of the Carlyle Group, the Washington private equity fund that invests heavily in the military and has extensive contacts in the Bush Administration.

There's another group of companies, largely overlooked, that could also be cooperating with the NSA. These are firms clustered around the Beltway that contract with the agency to provide intelligence analysts, data-mining technologies and equipment used in the NSA's global signals-intelligence operations. The largest of them employ so many former intelligence officials that it's almost impossible to see where the government ends and the private sector begins. Booz Allen Hamilton, the prime contractor for Trailblazer, a huge NSA project updating its surveillance and eavesdropping infrastructure, employs several NSA alumni, including Mike McConnell, its vice president, who retired as NSA director in 1996. (Ralph Shrader, the company's CEO, joined Booz Allen in 1978 after serving in senior positions with Western Union and RCA, both of which cooperated with the NSA on Operation Shamrock.) SI International, a software and systems engineering company with NSA contracts, recently hired Harry Gatanas, the NSA's former director of acquisitions and outsourcing, to oversee its $250-million-a-year business with US intelligence and the Pentagon. Science Applications International Corporation, another big NSA contractor, is run by executives with long histories in military intelligence, including COO Duane Andrews, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence.

Are firms that cooperate with the NSA legally culpable? Bamford, who is not a lawyer but probably knows more about the NSA than any American outside government, says yes. "The FISA law is very clear," he says. "If you don't have a warrant, you're in violation, and the penalty is five years and you can be sued by the aggrieved parties." Kevin Bankston, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, adds that US law "not only prohibits unauthorized wiretapping; it also prohibits unauthorized disclosure or use of illegally wiretapped information. As long as you were doing that, you're potentially liable." Schneier, the technology consultant, harbors no doubts either. "Arguing that this is legal is basically saying we're in a police state."

But Gidari, the Seattle telecom attorney, believes that companies would be insulated from legal challenges if they had assurances from the government that the program was within the law. He also says Congress has passed legislation granting immunity to companies operating under "statutory grants of authority" from the government. "It's not a slamdunk, but it is a good-faith defense," he says. Former Justice Department official Bass agrees but says reliance on oral requests from US officials is another matter: "If they didn't get the type of legal assurances the FISA provides for"--such as a written statement from the Attorney General--"there could be some legal exposure." But a full airing of the legal issues raised by the surveillance program may be a long time coming. "The likelihood of any enforcement absent a change in administration is zero," Bass says.

SOURCE: The Nation


I have, for years, experienced electronic harrassment targetting my activism that goes above and beyond, at times, what most think is even possible with today's computer technologies. This is why I fully expect to be experiencing more and more now that I have returned to the online activists' cybersphere.

Recently, I returned to Yahoogroups as a means of reaching large amounts of people. I had stayed away from Yahoo for well over two years and during that time, the extent of harrasment was minimal. About a month ago I returned to online activism and for the first time in a couple of years I had online problems. More recently, I rejoined Yahoo and for the first time since I left Yahoo, my email address has been spoofed in attempts to unsubscribe me from various groups - mostly the ones with a large membership. In the past, there have been instances in which various political figures and world and state leaders have been emailed in my name. It was very disconcerting because of the fact that I have no way of knowing what words were ascribed to me.

I am writing this because it is entirely possible that my Yahoo presence disappears and even, my blog. I think my blog is more secure than my other web projects but I could be wrong. In case you haven't pieced this together yet, there is a reason that pro-war, pro-Bush techies have hounded me for YEARS. Do you think it is because I deal in useless information? Logic would suggest exactly the opposite.

Here are some links related to my "claims":

Jan. 25, 2003 - The Day of the Most Serious Death Threat I Received

Who the hell is this 'Agent Smiley' guy any way?

A Google Search Combining the Terms ERIC STEWART and DEATH THREAT

Why follow a 9/11 lead provided by GW?

Links that are less directly related but still so:

Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

Bush Claims Right to Lie to American People

Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11

State Department, media launch assault on 9/11 dissent

Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro

Letter to a Spook

On Mike Ruppert

The following is snipped from an older autobiography of mine:

By 1999, I had been involved in a degree of online activism for about two years. I was just becoming aware of the level of online surveillance that occured, managed by the National Security Agency. The full extent of it would not be made plain to me until about three years later but what I had already found out necessitated resistance, I thought.

So we devised a plan to get millions of people, worldwide, to send out emails on October 21, 1999, that would contain a long list of known keywords in the NSA's Echelon dictionary. Echelon monitors phone calls and emails for known keywords and other 'suspect' patterns. If you mention the word 'bomb', for instance, a hundred times in a months, a human will be reading your emails and evaluating you as a potential threat. If you set up a Hotmail account and send an encrypted email, the same day, to Baghdad, a red flag most definitely will go up. I think you get the idea.

The alert we sent out globally managed to get translated into at least seven languages. Very soon, though I had conducted all of this via webmail, I was getting vaguely threatening emails in my home AOL account. I left family, house, and home in order not to endanger them and went underground for a while. I thought that I would be safe. What I would soon find out was that my interests had been recorded as a signature in some surveillance CPU. I was alright for about a week but when I got online on a public computer in Santa Cruz, California and began to merely catch up on news, suddenly a two-year period of intense harrassment would begin.

Jam Echelon Day had targetted the premier surveillance outfit in the world. What had I expected - that they wouldn't find me? We had brought awareness of Echelon from conspiranoia trash to the spotlight of Sixty Minutes. I had personally done an interview with the Village Voice. Yeah, they had figured out that I was Robert Kemp and I was on their shit list.

Today, according to the Patriot Act, such a fight to publicize a lack of American privacy is categorized as terrorism. We knew we would not jam up the computers but we knew that by getting people to participate we would raise awareness.

Over the next two years I would be harrassed and come to know the meaning of hell, at least my own personal one.


A woman who was a very close friend of mine for over a year, one day, told me she had been assigned to me. With the Aryan overtones that had managed to make their way into my life, I dropped her like a sack of potatoes and have not returned to California since. I went to Boulder, Colorado which turned out, as well, to be a mistake. While California is behavior modification central, Boulder is defense contractor central, where the harrassment is less subtle and more direct.

Here, near the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, near umpteen NRO, NGIA, CIA, NSA, and DOE contractors, I would happen upon a vein of research that would open a Pandora's box of revelations regarding 9-11 (Operation Two Towers) is that "C" word...chemtrails.


It was at the Boulder RTD bus depot that I would receive the first in-person death threat that I had ever had. An Alabama boy (judging by his drawl) with war written all over him would say these words: "I am going to kill you."

Note: I am still alive, obviously, and I would guess that the intent was as more of a psy-op. Killing me would be better accomplished without a warning. I do not have quite the net presence that I did a couple of years ago so it is entirely possible that I don't quite have the spotlight as fully on my side as I did. The spotlight can be a great protector; when someone in the spotlight gets offed for what they stand for it only serves to validate their message. Unfortunately, this locks a person in a repeating cycle of having to stay in the news in order to survive. We shall see.


Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

Is the October Surprise a Major Escalation in the War for U.S. Global Dominance?

This email is likely to precipitate a barrage of attacks on my character. I am used to it. It is entirely possible, however, that it happens after my presence has been neutralized, when I am no longer around to defend myself. Be wary of those that do so for they are identifying themselves, for those with eyes to see.

Often, a period of weeks, or even months transpires before this tactic is pursued.

My blogs:

Big Medicine


Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

Anyone that doubts that police would initiate a riot simply hasn't seen it happen, as have I, so don't even try to convince me otherwise. See June 1, 1997: My Introduction to Teargas

Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland

I have been to many protests, witnessed countless acts of police brutality, but none compare to what I saw today. Bean bag guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and billy clubs; all of them used to attack peaceful protestors. Friends of mine were trampled by horses, beaten by billy clubs, and peppersprayed severely. All in an disgusting display of extreme police brutality. My hands are still shaking and my eye still hurts from pepper spray so I will try to write this as best as I can... [read more...]

From the open publishing newswire: This is sick... World Can't Wait in Portland, you are disgusting individuals. I'm honestly still in awe about how people fighting to stop bush could be that backstabbing, that fascist, and I'm sorry, I can't write anymore about this, I am entirely too upset. [read more...]

From the open publishing newswire: It is standard operating procedure for the media to dutifully repeat the claims of the police. Remember that "bottle" in the 2002 Bush protest. Sure, no one actually threw one but the media repeated it for weeks, and never offered a correction nor an apology when the video footage from protesters and police alike contradicted their "reports". I just hope their were some good videographers out today and that we'll see a new round of lawsuits against the city. [read more...]

Pig Riot WCW Congratulates Police Police Horses Trample Girls Arrest Updates: [ 1 2 3 report from an arrestee ] Interfering with Jail Support: [ Channel 6 Sgt. Davis ] RRR: Observations Audio: Rally and Outside Oregonian Pics: Cops Shooting People Corpo Media Colloboration: [ KOIN Oregonian ] NWCRC: Press Release Call the Mayor

This is the guy that shot the bean bag or dowel thing

Blogger Note: Click here to watch video of calm bystanders being pepper sprayed. When deep down you know what you are doing is wrong but you have made a committment to doing it anyway, there is a tendency to want to make witnesses go away. Check it out.


Also see Seattle in 1999

Indymedia Finally Picks Up the 9/11 Cause

Five years after 9/11, a large number of protests, screenings, concerts and meetings were held across the US [ New York: 1 2 ; SF Bay Area: 1 2 ; Los Angeles: 1 2 ] to demand the truth about the events of September 11th 2001, the subsequent "War on Terror" and the imperial invasion of key countries in the oil-rich Middle East. In the UK over 100 truth protestors gathered outside the US Embasy in London to oppose the official conspiracy theory [ photos: 1 2 ].

The attacks of September 11th 2001 have been used, on both sides of the Atlantic, to justify a spectrum of attacks on civil liberties and illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 9/11 Truth Movement fears that, until the lies are exposed, the attack will continue to be used to justify perpetual war and further attacks on dissent and freedom. Post-9/11, steps down the road to a police state in the UK have included terror raids, shoot to kill, detention without trial, torture training, profiling, rendition and a host of other Orwellian "Big Brother" proposals like ID cards.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has received varied responses from Indymedia, ranging from feature articles condemning conspiracy theorists (NYC) to dedicated 9/11 topics and feature articles asking why the network is ignoring the call for a 9.11 investigation (Portland). In the months following the attack UK-IMC carried many articles questioning the official story and analysing what the attacks would mean for the anti-capitalist left (for example: 9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism), but in the years following the attack an ad-hoc policy of hiding all articles questioning 9/11 was adopted. This has now changed: the 9/11 Truth Movement is gradually gaining recognition as a legitimate, albeit still controversial, part of the broad global justice movement.
read more

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bush Claims Right to Lie to American People

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Bush, again defying Congress, says he has the power to edit the Homeland Security Department’s reports about whether it obeys privacy rules while handling background checks, ID cards and watchlists.

In the law Bush signed Wednesday, Congress stated no one but the privacy officer could alter, delay or prohibit the mandatory annual report on Homeland Security department activities that affect privacy, including complaints.

But Bush, in a signing statement attached to the agency’s 2007 spending bill, said he will interpret that section “in a manner consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to supervise the unitary executive branch.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said it’s appropriate for the administration to know what reports go to Congress and to review them beforehand.

“There can be a discussion on whether to accept a change or a nuance,” she said. “It could be any number of things.”

The American Bar Association and members of Congress have said Bush uses signing statements excessively as a way to expand his power.

The Senate held hearings on the issue in June. At the time, 110 statements challenged about 750 statutes passed by Congress, according to numbers combined from the White House and the Senate committee. They include documents revising or disregarding parts of legislation to ban torture of detainees and to renew the Patriot Act.

Privacy advocate Marc Rotenberg said Bush is trying to subvert lawmakers’ ability to accurately monitor activities of the executive branch of government.

“The Homeland Security Department has been setting up watch lists to determine who gets on planes, who gets government jobs, who gets employed,” said Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

He said the Homeland Security Department has the most significant impact on citizens’ privacy of any agency in the federal government.

New ID cards in the works

Homeland Security agencies check airline passengers’ names against terrorist watch lists and detain them if there’s a match. They make sure transportation workers’ backgrounds are investigated. They are working on several kinds of biometric ID cards that millions of people would have to carry.

The department’s privacy office has put the brakes on some initiatives, such as using insecure radio-frequency identification technology, or RFID, in travel documents. It also developed privacy policies after an uproar over the disclosure that airlines turned over their passengers’ personal information to the government.

The last privacy report was submitted in February 2005.

Bush’s signing statement Wednesday challenges several other provisions in the Homeland Security spending bill.

Bush, for example, said he’d disregard a requirement that the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency must have at least five years experience and “demonstrated ability in and knowledge of emergency management and homeland security.”

His rationale was that it “rules out a large portion of those persons best qualified by experience and knowledge to fill the office.”


Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11

"...the time and resources—not to mention prurient interest—that the media has devoted to the exposure of Foley’s emails and instant messages stand in sharp contrast to its virtual silence on the revelations—first reported September 28, the same day that the emails from Foley surfaced on ABC News—in the new book by Bob Woodward, State of Denial."

By Bill Van Auken
7 October 2006

The fixation of both official Washington and the mainstream media on the emails of Congressman Mark Foley (Republican of Florida) and the Republican House leadership’s cover-up of his pursuit of teenage male pages has served to divert public attention from a far more significant cover-up of a far greater crime.

The Foley story has highlighted the official corruption and hypocrisy that characterize the political establishment as a whole in America. The spectacle of a party that has made “family values” its battle cry and sought to exploit homophobia and religious backwardness for political ends being caught up in such a scandal has undoubted popular appeal.

For the Democrats, it provides a useful political club, without compelling this second party of corporate America to advance a single substantive difference with the Republicans on domestic or foreign policy.

But the time and resources—not to mention prurient interest—that the media has devoted to the exposure of Foley’s emails and instant messages stand in sharp contrast to its virtual silence on the revelations—first reported September 28, the same day that the emails from Foley surfaced on ABC News—in the new book by Bob Woodward, State of Denial.

Most damning among them is the revelation that former CIA Director George Tenet and the CIA’s chief of counterterrorism, J. Cofer Black, sought and obtained a July 10, 2001 emergency meeting with Condoleezza Rice to discuss the imminent threat of a major terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on US targets, and were “brushed off” by the then-national security adviser.

In the relevant passage, Woodward writes,

“On July 10, 2001, two months before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, then-CIA Director George J. Tenet met with his counterterrorism chief, J. Cofer Black, at CIA headquarters to review the latest on Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Black laid out the case, consisting of communications intercepts and other top-secret intelligence, showing the increasing likelihood that al-Qaeda would soon attack the United States. It was a mass of fragments and dots that nonetheless made a compelling case, so compelling to Tenet that he decided he and Black should go to the White House immediately.

“Tenet called Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser, from the car and said he needed to see her right away... He and Black hoped to convey the depth of their anxiety and get Rice to kick-start the government into immediate action...”

Woodward writes that Tenet hoped to “shake Rice” and that Black “emphasized that this amounted to a strategic warning, meaning the problem was so serious that it required an overall plan and strategy... They needed to take action that moment—covert, military, whatever—to thwart bin Laden...”

Woodward continues, “Tenet and Black felt they were not getting through to Rice. She was polite, but they felt the brush-off. President Bush had said he didn’t want to swat at flies...”

The damning implications of this reported conversation are self-evident. The chief adviser on national security to President George W. Bush was given an explicit warning, just two months before the hijacked passenger jets crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, claiming nearly 3,000 lives, and nothing was done.

Black is quoted in the book as saying, “The only thing we didn’t do was pull the trigger to the gun we were holding to her head.”

In a subsequent report, the McClatchy Newspapers quoted an official who had helped prepare the briefing describing it as a “10 on a scale of 1 to 10” in terms of the seriousness of its warning of an imminent attack.

The revelation of this meeting follows the similar exposure, during the hearings held by the 9/11 Commission two years ago, that on August 6, 2001 Bush was given a Presidential Daily Brief (PDA) from the CIA, entitled, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the United States.” As with the July 10 meeting, the PDA provoked no action by the administration, and Bush remained on vacation for the next three weeks at his Texas ranch.

The Bush administration has unceasingly invoked the events of September 11 as the justification for all of its policies—from wars of aggression abroad to the destruction of basic constitutional and democratic rights at home. Yet the revelations concerning the July 10 meeting only add to the mounting body of evidence that the administration was, at best, criminally negligent in failing to take action to prevent attacks that had been widely predicted or, at worst, directly complicit in allowing them to take place.

More than five years after the attacks, one thing is certain: no one in the US government has ever been held accountable. Even if one takes the official version of what happened on September 11 as good coin, the inescapable conclusion is that it represented the greatest single failure of US intelligence and national security in the country’s history. Yet, not one official in the White House, the CIA, the Pentagon or any other agency suffered so much as a demotion.

Woodward’s book suggests that tensions over who bears the blame for 9/11 are continuing to generate internecine struggles within official Washington, and Tenet is determined not to be made a scapegoat for the administration’s policies. A new book by Ron Suskind, entitled The One Percent Doctrine, quotes Tenet as saying he wished he “could give that damn medal back,” referring to the Medal of Freedom bestowed upon him by Bush when he resigned from the CIA in 2004.

The administration’s reaction to Woodward’s book is every bit as damning as the book’s contents. The White House has sought to discredit the author’s credibility, a difficult task given that the Bush administration had previously turned the veteran Washington Post reporter into a virtual court chronicler, providing him with unprecedented access while he wrote two previous and largely laudatory volumes on Bush: Plan of Attack and Bush at War.

As a measure of its alarm, the administration issued a detailed response to Woodward’s account, posted prominently on the White House web site. The thrust of this attempted refutation was to claim that there had not been a cover-up of the July 10 meeting, and that Rice had responded seriously to Woodward’s claims.

However, after excerpts from the Woodward book were first published, Rice initially feigned ignorance about the conversation with Tenet and Cofer, referring to it as a “supposed meeting,” while adding that it was “incomprehensible” that she would have ignored such warnings. Soon after, the State Department was forced to admit that a review of official records revealed that the encounter had indeed taken place.

As a fallback position, Rice’s spokesman at the State Department, Sean McCormack, declared, “The information presented in this meeting was not new, rather it was a good summary from the threat reporting from the previous several weeks.”

This alibi echoes almost precisely the tack taken in response to the revelations concerning the August 6 presidential brief, which Rice similarly insisted contained nothing new and was “historical” in character. It was only after the administration was compelled to release the document that it became clear it contained a clear and stark warning that Al Qaeda was actively preparing an attack within the US, singling out New York and Washington DC as likely targets.

Before the title of this document was made public, Rice had insisted—as she now claims in relation to the July 10 meeting—that the presidential briefing did not make any warnings of attacks within the United States. She was lying then, and it is clear that she is lying now.

McCormack continued to insist that his boss could not specifically recall the July 10 meeting in which she was told that a massive terrorist attack on the US was imminent.

Rice was not the only one suffering from selective amnesia. Coming to the aid of the beleaguered administration, former Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a statement clearly aimed at discrediting Tenet. “It just occurred to me how disappointing it was that they didn’t come to me with this type of information,” he told the Associated Press October 2. “The FBI is responsible for domestic terrorism.”

But no sooner had Ashcroft made this claim than the State Department revealed that the ex-attorney general had indeed been given the same CIA briefing less than a week after the meeting with Rice. Once again, nothing was done. Actually, one step was taken—Ashcroft stopped flying on commercial airlines.

Woodward’s revelations prompted protests and comments from various members and staff of the September 11 commission. Philip Zelikow, who served as the panel’s executive director, told the press that no witness who testified before the commission had ever mentioned such a meeting, including Tenet and Black, who made both private and public statements to the panel.

“If we had heard something that drew our attention to this meeting, it would have been a huge thing,” he told the New York Times. “Repeatedly Tenet and Black said they could not remember what had transpired in some of those meetings.”

Democratic commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste, a former Watergate prosecutor, likewise told the Times that the meeting “was never mentioned to us.” He added, “This is certainly something we would have wanted to know about.”

Subsequently, however, the Washington Post and other sources revealed that Zelikow and Ben-Veniste were both told about the meeting in secret testimony given at CIA headquarters by Tenet, who provided them with a detailed outline of the briefing he had given Rice. Clearly, Tenet wanted to make his warning part of the record.

Zelikow, an administration loyalist and long-time academic colleague of Rice, has since been appointed to a top job at the State Department. No reference to the July 10 meeting ever appeared in the 9/11 commission’s reports.

McClatchy Newspapers has quoted Ben-Veniste as acknowledging that Tenet did give him and Zelikow the Rice briefing in secret testimony, but said that Zelikow would have to answer as to why it was not mentioned in the commission’s report. Zelikow failed to respond to inquiries on this issue.

Several of the commissioners seemed genuinely shocked and outraged that the meeting had been concealed, indicating that they were not informed of Tenet’s secret testimony.

“None of this was shared with us in hours of private interviews, including interviews under oath, nor do we have any paper on this,” said Timothy J. Roemer, a Democratic member of the commission and a former member of the House of Representatives from Indiana. “I’m deeply disturbed by this. I’m furious.”

These latest revelations leave not one shred of credibility to the Bush administration’s repeated claims that the 9/11 attacks could not have been anticipated. What has emerged is that not only were they foreseen, but explicit warnings were made that were deliberately rebuffed by the White House. Moreover, the very existence of these warnings was then concealed through an elaborate cover-up that culminated in a white-wash by the 9/11 commission.

The fixation of official Washington with the Foley affair in the context of these revelations constitutes a continuation of the cover-up. The detailed parsing of statements by the Republican leadership as to what they knew about Foley’s sexual behavior and when they knew it stands in sharp contrast to the indifference of the media and politicians of both parties to contradictory statements, evasions and outright lies related to a crime that resulted in the greatest loss of life on American soil since the Civil War.

A crime, moreover, that has served as the pretext for a global eruption of American militarism that has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The evidence points inexorably to one conclusion: The attacks of September 11 were facilitated by powerful elements within the government itself, which engineered a “stand-down” of the US intelligence and security apparatus. That a terrorist attack was coming was known and welcomed by those seeking a casus belli for long-planned wars to secure US hegemony over the strategic oil reserves of the Middle East and Central Asia.

If there is no great impetus to probe these matters, it is because every section of the American political establishment, including the media and the Democratic Party, is so thoroughly implicated.

SOURCE: World Socialist Website

Wall Street's political cash favors Democrats

By Tim McLaughlin

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) - Wall Street has shifted its allegiance in the 2006 election cycle by donating more to Democrats than Republicans who have been the investment banks' usual benefactors, U.S. Federal Election Commission data show.

Five leading firms Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bear Stearns Companies Inc.,Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. have contributed $6.2 million so far to candidates before the November elections, with about 52 percent going to Democrats.

"People give ideological money and they give money to people they think are going to win," said Maurice Carroll, director of Quinnipiac University's Polling Institute in Hamden, Connecticut. "It looks like it's going to be a good year for Democrats."

Despite being awash in record profits, Wall Street executives, investment bankers, brokers and traders may be getting weary of Republican control, Carroll said. President Bush's polling numbers are low and growing violence in Iraq also weighs heavy on Republican leadership, he said.

Meredith McGehee, policy director at The Campaign Legal Center, said Wall Street also may be concerned about the U.S. deficit, which has ballooned during the Bush administration.

"The last time the deficit was under control was under the Democrats," McGehee said.

Still, it's unlikely Wall Street would embrace higher taxes, a move some Democrats favor to cut the deficit.

The 2006 election cycle that began Jan. 1, 2005, marks the first time in a dozen years that securities firms' donations have skewed leftward, according to analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks political contributions.

Democrats have received $23.8 million from Wall Street compared to $21.7 million for Republicans. Over the previous five election cycles, Republicans captured 52 to 58 percent of the industry's political donations.

About 80 percent of the contributions from the industry comes from employees. The rest comes from political action committees, which remain loyal to Republicans for lowering tax rates on dividends and capital gains, for example.


Goldman Sachs, a firm with longtime ties to Washington, has contributed $2.6 million, the most in the industry, through its employees and its political action committee. Democrats have received 60 percent of that money, reflecting a trend that dates to at least 1990.

Morgan Stanley ranks second with $1.6 million in contributions, with 52 percent going to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The shift in overall contributions to Democrats reflects allegiance to New York's powerful Democratic senators, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, analysts said. Clinton, seen as a leading candidate for the White House in 2008, is the biggest beneficiary, receiving $1.1 million during the 2006 election cycle.

As chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), Schumer is using his home field advantage on Wall Street to outflank Republican fund-raisers. The DSCC, which wants to regain control of the senate, has raised $81.3 million compared to $69.2 million by the National Republican Campaign Committee.

For example, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman's new chairman and chief executive, gave $25,000 to the DSCC. His predecessor, Henry Paulson, was a major Republican donor while at the firm before becoming Bush's treasury secretary.


The industry has contributed $6.2 million to the DSCC, compared to only $2.6 million for the Republican's national committee. Schumer might easily raise money on Wall Street because he is a member of the Senate banking committee and chairman of the economic policy subcommittee.

"People from all walks of life -- including those in the finance world -- are tired of the Bush administration's inept management of the government and are looking to the Democrats to restore some accountability to Washington," DSCC spokesman Phil Singer said.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee wasn't available for comment.

One of Wall Street's leading political action committees, however, isn't tired of Republican candidates.

The Securities Industry Association, which represents Wall Street in Washington, gives more to Republicans because traditionally they're more likely to support the industry's agenda, such as in 2003 when the maximum tax rate on capital gains and dividends was lowered to 15 percent.

SOURCE: Reuters

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